Boiler Feedtank and Associated Control Systems

A breakdown of products used for the safe and efficient control of boiler feedtanks.

Boiler Feedtank and Associated Control Systems

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Self-Acting Temperature Contoller to control the tank water temperaure
2 Strainer to protect the self-acting control valve from detritus
3 Self-Acting Control Valve to control the steam flow to the injector
4 Vacuum Breaker to prevent water back syphoning into the steam supply
5 Electric Actuator to actuate the make-up water valve
6 Make-up Water Control Valve to control the flow of make-up water to the feedtank
7 Vent Head to prevent high velocity discharge fom the tank vent
8 Automatic Air Vent to vent air from the deaerator head
9 PID Level Controller to control the water level in the tank
10 Level Control Sensor to sense the level of water in the tank
11 Steam Injector to inject steam into the tank at high efficiency
12 Strainer to protect the feedwater pumps from detritus
13 Stop Valve to isolate the feedwater system from the tank
14 Tank Recirculating System to prevent stratification of water temperature in the tank
15 Flash Condensing Deaerator Head to quench condensate and flash steam returning to the tank
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Table of Parts

Part Component Spirax Sarco Reference Product details
1 Self-Acting Control SA121 Self-Acting Control with Pocket Self-Acting Controls
2, 12 Strainer Fig 1, 3, 12, 12G, 13, 14, 16, 16L, 33, 34 or 36 Strainer Strainers & Filters
3 Self-Acting Control SB, KA, KB or KC Series Valve Self-Acting Controls
4 Vacuum Breaker VB14 or VB21 Vacuum Breaker Vacuum Breakers
5 Electric Actuator EL5600 Series Electric Actuator Electric Actuators
6 Control Valve KE43 or KE73 Two Port Single Seat Control Valve Control Valves
7 Vent Head VH Series Vent Head Vent Heads
8 Air Vent AV13 or AVC32 Air Vents & Air Eliminators
9 Level Controller LC2200 Proportional Controller Level Controls
10 Capacitance Level Probe LP20 Level Probe with PA20 Preamplifier Level Controls
11 Steam Injector IN Series Steam Injector Steam Injectors
13 Stop Valve BSA1, BSA2 or BSA3 Bellows Sealed Stop Valve Bellows Sealed Stop Valve
14 Recirculating System Type RFS Recirculating Feedwater Spray System Feed Tanks
15 Semi-Deaerator Type DH Flash Condensing Spray System Feed Tanks
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