Boiler Feedtank with Automatic Steam Injection (Flanged)

Flanged products used for the safe and efficient control of steam injectors for boiler feedtanks.

Boiler Feedtank with Automatic Steam Injection (Flanged)

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Separator to dry and condition the supply steam
2 Isolating Valve to isolate the control system from the steam supply
3 Strainer to protect the control valve and safety valve from detritus
4 Pressure Gauge to monitor the upstream supply pressure
5 Temperature Control Valve to control the flow of steam to the tank via the injector
6 Safety Valve to vent the steam supply if the control valve fails
7 Pressure Gauge to monitor the downstream steam pressure
8 Isolating Valve to set the control valve maximum pressure on no-load
9 Vacuum Breaker to prevent water back syphoning into the steam supply
10 - 14 inc. Steam Trap Station to drain the steam supply under no-load
15 Vent Head to prevent high velocity discharge fom the tank vent
16 - 20 inc. Separator Steam Trap Station  
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Table of Parts

Part   Component Bronze Cast iron SG iron Steel Stainless steel Product details
1 Separator   S3 S13 S5, S7 S8 Separators & Insulation Jackets
2, 8, 10, 14, 16, 20 Isolating Valve Bellows Sealed Stop Valve   BSA1 BSA2 BSA3   Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
Ball Valve       M10, M20, M31, M40 M10, M20, M31, M40 Ball Valves
3, 11, 17 Strainer Fig 3 Fig 33 Fig 12, Fig 37, Fig 3716 Fig 34, Fig 1738 Fig 36, Fig 3616 Strainers & Filters
4, 7 Pressure Gauge 100 mm Diameter Pressure Gauge with 'U' or Ring Syphon Pressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges
5 Pressure Reducing Valve with Temperature Control     DP27T     Pressure Reducing & Surplussing Valves
6 Safety Valve   SV73 SV607 SV74, SV604 SV606 Safety Valves
9 Vacuum Breaker VB14       VB21 Vacuum Breakers
12, 13, 18 Ball Float Steam Trap with Monitor   IFT53 IFT57 IFT54   Steam Trap Performance Monitoring
13, 19 Check Valve         DCV2, 3 or 4 Check Valves
15 Vent Head         VH Vent Heads
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