Intermittent Monitoring - Steam Boilers (Type BCS4)

Products used for automatic TDS control of larger steam boilers with an external intermittent monitoring sensor.

Intermittent Monitoring - Steam Boilers (Type BCS4)

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Check Valve to prevent backflow under abnormal conditions
2 TDS Control Valve to regulate the flow of the blowdown water
3 Isolating Valve to isolate the TDS control system from the blowdown line
4 Blowdown Controller to control the operation of the TDS control valve
5 Conductivity Sensor to monitor the conductivity of the boiler water
6 Sample Cooler to check the condition of the sample
7 Remote Display Unit to display the TDS reading at a remote position
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Table of Parts

Part Component Spirax Sarco Reference Product details
1 Check Valve DCV2 Wafer Check Valve Check Valves
2 TDS Control Valve BCV30 Electrohydraulically Actuated or BCV31 Pneumatically Actuated Blowdown Valve TDS Blowdown Controls
3 Stop Valve BSA Bellows Sealed Stop Valve Bellows Sealed Stop Valve
4 Controller BC3200 Controller TDS Blowdown Controls
5 Sensor Chamber S11 Sensor Chamber and CP10 Sensor  
6 Sample Cooler SC20 Sample Cooler System (optional to BCS3 System) Sample Coolers
7 Remote Display Unit DS1000 (optional) TDS Blowdown Controls

For more information on the BCS4 Blowdown Control System go to our TDS Blowdown Controls page.

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