Clean Steam Filter Station with Sampling Facility

Producing filtered steam from plant steam.

Clean Steam Filter Station with Sampling Facility

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Separator to protect the installation from wet steam
2 Stop Valve to isolate the installation from the steam supply
3 Strainer to protect the installation from detritus
4 Clean Steam Filter to clean the steam to the required filtered standards
5 Clean Ball Valve to isolate the downstream equipment from the steam supply
6 Clean Steam Trap to drain the filter of condensate
7 Clean Ball Valve to isolate the sample cooler from the steam supply
8 8 - 12 inc. separator steam trap
13 Sample Cooler to sample and test the steam quality
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Table of Parts

Part Component Spirax Sarco Reference Product details
1 Separator S5, S7 Carbon Steel Separator Separators & Insulation Jackets
2 Stop Valve (flanged) M20 Carbon Steel Ball Valve or BSA2 or BSA3 Ball Valves or Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
3 Strainer (flanged) Fig 34 Cast Steel Strainer with 200 Mesh Screen Separators & Insulation Jackets
4 Steam Filter CSF16 Clean Steam Filter Strainers & Filters
5, 7 Clean Ball Valve M70i Stainless Steel Ball Valve Ball Valves
6, 15 Clean Balance Pressure Steam Trap MST21 Stainless Steel Steam Trap Balanced Pressure Steam Traps
8, 12 Ball Valve (screwed) M10 Ball Valve Ball Valves
9 Strainer (screwed) Fig 1, 12, 12SG, 14 or 16 Strainer Strainers & Filters
10 Ball Float Steam Trap FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap Ball Float Steam Traps
11 Lift Check Valve LCV1 or LCV2 Lift Check Valve Check Valves
13 Hygienic Sample Cooler SC20 Hygienic Sample Cooler Sample Coolers
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