Standard Flash Vessel Installation

Required components of a flash vessel system.

Standard Flash Vessel Installation

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Air Vent to vent air from the flash steam
2 Isolation Valve to isolate the air vent from the flash vessel
3 Safety Valve to protect the downstream equipment from overpressure
4 Pressure Gauge to monitor the flash vessel pressure
5 Flash Vessel to separate the flash steam from the high presssure condensate
6 Isolation Valve to isolate the trap set from the flash vessel
7 Strainer to protect the trap from detritus
8 Ball Float Steam Trap to drain the condensate from the flash vessel
9 Check Valve to prevent backflow through the trap
10 Isolation Valve to isolate the trap from the condensate system
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Table of Parts

Part   Component Bronze Cast iron SG iron Steel Stainless steel Product details
1 Air Vent AV13     AVC32   Electric Actuators
2, 6, 10 Ball Valve       M10 M10 Ball Valves
3 Safety Valve   SV73 SV607 SV74, SV604 SVL606 Safety Valves
4 Pressure Gauge 100 mm Diameter Pressure Gauge with 'U' or Ring Syphon Pressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges
5 Flash Vessel FV Type Flash Vessel TDS Blowdown Controls
7 Strainer Fig 1 or 12   Fig 12SG Fig 14 Fig 16 Strainers & Filters
8 Ball Float Steam Trap with Monitor     IFT14     Steam Trap Performance Monitoring
9 Lift Check Valve LCV1     LCV2   Check Valves
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