Spiraflo Steam Meter

A Spiraflo steam metering system with density compensation:

Spiraflo Steam Meter

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Pressure Transducer to measure the steam pressure
2 Spiraflo Steam Meter to meter the steam flow to the plant
3 Conditioning Unit to transform the signals for the flow computer
4 Flow Computer to collect and display steam flow data
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Table of Parts

Part Component Spirax Sarco Reference Product details
1 Pressure Compensator EL2600 Pressure Transmitter with 'U' Syphon Computers, Displays & Transmitters
2 Transducer M111 or M115 Spiraflo Flowmeters
3 Signal Conditioner M322 Conditioning Unit Computers, Displays & Transmitters
4 Flow Computer M800 Display Unit Computers, Displays & Transmitters
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