Self-Acting Air Heater Battery Control System

Recommended installation for a temperature controlled heater battery or unit heater.

Self-Acting Air Heater Battery Control System

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Separator to protect the installation from wet steam
1 Isolating Valve to isolate the installation from the steam supply
2 Strainer to protect the control valve from detritus
3 Control Valve to regulate the steam flow to the battery
4 Temperature Controller to regulate the valve position
5 Wall Mounting Bracket to fix the temperature sensor to a wall
6 - 10 inc. Steam Supply Trap Set  
11 Strainer (angled) to protect the float trap from detritus
12 Ball Float Steam Trap to remove condensate from the battery
13 Drain Trap to drain the battery of condensate on shut down
14 Check Valve to prevent condensate backfeeding into the battery
15 Isolating Valve to isolate the trap set for maintenance purposes
16 Vacuum Breaker to help remove condensate during stall conditions
17 Isolating Valve  
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Table of Parts

Part   Component Bronze Cast iron SG iron Steel Stainless steel Product details
1, 6, 10, 15 Isolating Valve Globe Type HV3     A3S   HV3 Stop Valves or Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
Piston Type       RP31   Piston Valves
Ball Type       M10 M10 Ball Valves
2, 7 'Y' Type Strainer Fig 1 or 12   Fig 12SG Fig 14 Fig 16 or 16L Strainers & Filters
3 Control Valve SB, KA51 or KB51 KA31 or KB31       Control Valves
4 Self-acting Control Type SA121 or SA128 sensor and actuator Self-acting Controls
5 Wall Mounting Bracket To suit sensor type SA121 or SA128 Self-acting Controls
8, 12 Ball Float Steam Trap     IFT14     Ball Float Steam Traps
9, 14 Check Valve LCV1     LCV2   Check Valves
11 Angle Type Strainer Fig 4 or 6         Strainers & Filters
13 Drain Trap No. 8         Fixed Temperature Discharge Steam Traps
16 Vacuum Breaker VB14     VB21   Vacuum Breakers
17 Isolating Valve       M10 M10 Ball Valves
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