Electropneumatic Control System for Vertical Heat Exchanger (Screwed)

The components of an electropneumatic temperature control on a vertical heat exchanger:

Electropneumatic Control System for Vertical Heat Exchanger (Screwed)

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Electronic Controller to control the valve position
2 Electronic Temperature Sensor to sense the heat exchanger water temperature
3 Safety Valve to protect the heat exchanger from overpressure
4 Isolating Valve to isolate the installation from the supply steam
5 Strainer to protect the installation from detritus
6 E/P Valve Positioner to ensure the valve operates accurately at all loads
7 Pneumatic Actuator to drive the valve
8 Control Valve to control the flow of steam at the required pressure
9 Isolating Valve to isolate the installation from the supply steam
10 - 15 inc. Steam Supply Steam Trap Set  
16 - 21 inc. Heat Exchanger Coil Steam Trap Set  
22 Air Filter/Regulator to clean and regulate the air to the valve positioner
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Table of Parts

Part   Component Bronze Cast iron SG iron Steel Stainless steel Product details
1 Controller SX25, SX75 Series Controller Positioners, Controllers & Sensors
2 Pt100 Temperature Sensor EL2270 or EL2200 Temperature Sensor Computers, Displays & Tranmistters
3 Safety Valve     SV607 SV604   Safety Valves
4, 9, 10, 14, 15, 19 Isolating Valve Bellows Sealed Type   BSA1 BSA2 BSA3   Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
Ball Type       M20 M20 Ball Valves
5, 13, 18, 21 Strainer Fig 3 Fig 33 Fig 37 Fig 34 Fig 36 Strainers & Filters
6 Positioner SP200 Electropneumatic Positioner Positioners, Controllers & Sensors
7 Actuator PN9000 Series Pneumatic Actuator Pneumatic Actuators
8 Control Valve     KE73 KE43 KE63 Control Valves
11, 16 Check Valve         DCV2, 3 or 4 Check Valves
12, 17 Ball Float Steam Trap with Monitor   IFT53   IFT54   Steam Trap Performance Monitoring
20 Filter / Regulator Spirax-Monnier MP2 Filter / Regulator Air Set Filter/Regulators
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