Steam Tracing Trap Set

The required components of a steam tracing trap set.

Steam Tracing Trap Set

Component Descriptions

Part Component Function
1 Isolation Valve to isolate the drain trap from the supply steam
2 Spiratec Sensor Chamber to monitor the trap condition
3 Steam Tracer Steam Trap to discharge condensate correctly
4 Isolation Valve to isolate the trap set from the condensate system
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Table of Parts

Part   Component Bronze Cast iron SG iron Steel Stainless steel Product details
1, 4 Isolating Valve Globe Type       A3S   Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
Piston Type       RP31   Piston Valves
Ball Type       M10F   Ball Valves
2 Spiratec Sensor Chamber     ST171 ST141 ST161 Steam Trap Performance Monitoring
3 Steam Tracer Steam Trap Balanced Pressure         MST18 or TSS21 Balanced Pressure Steam Traps or Sealed Steam Traps
Bimetallic         T3 Sealed Steam Traps
Thermodynamic         TD259 Thermodynamic Steam Traps
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