Here are just a few of the many applications to be found in the paper and board related industries, for which we are able to supply products and application advice.


Separating Vessel with Level Control

In the example below, a flash vessel type FV has a Spirax Sarco probe-type level control which will act to evacuate the vessel if the condensate level exceeds a certain point.

An electropneumatic SPIRA-TROL valve is shown.

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Air Heater Batteries for Flash Dryer

Note that here, each battery is individually trapped using an FT Ball Float Steam Trap.

The MFP14 Mechanical Pump is powered solely by steam and used to return condensate to flash recovery.

A Spirax Sarco flash vessel type FV incorporating probe type level controls is used to recover flash steam from the condensate, for use by the first air heater battery.

Spirax Sarco electropneumatic control valves are used throughout.

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Air Pulp Dryer Steam Supply

The diagram below shows steam supply and heat recovery for the entire unit, incorporating Spirax Sarco type FV flash vessels, electropneumatic controls, steam traps, ancillaries and level controls. Spirax Sarco also offer a range of flowmeters for use with this application.

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Electropneumatic Flow Control

Flow control is most appropriate for processes where large amounts of steam need to be added at an appropriate point in a process, such as for presteaming, blowthrough control or bark defrosting. A typical layout is shown below.

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Single Evaporator Stage (Black Liquor) with Condensate Contamination Detection

A single evaporator effect is shown, with the addition of a CCD Condensate Contamination Detection system. The system incorporates Spirax Sarco pressure controls and steam traps. A level controlled FV flash vessel may be used to recover flash steam for the next effect (up to six in total). MFP14 mechanical pumps may be used as part of the condensate drainage system.

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Flow Scheme for a Paper Machine (Cascade System)

Recovered blowthrough steam from the highest pressure bank is being used by the next, lower pressure bank. This is supplemented, if necessary, using the control valve on the lower pressure bank.

Level controls are used to modulate the level of condensate in the separating vessel.

Excess steam from the final group is sent to a condenser. An MFP14 assists drainage, to avoid cavitation.

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Typical Thermocompressor System

Recovered blowthrough steam from each dryer group is sent via a thermocompressor back to the same group. Each group can run at its own pressure without affecting the next group.

Level controls are used to module the level of condensate in the separating vessel.

The system utilises Spirax Sarco controls, condensate pumps and level controls.

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Facer Flow Scheme for a Corrugator

Note the use of Spirax Sarco pressure controls and FT ball float traps with steam lock release.

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Corrugator Hot Plate Section

The APT14 automatic pump traps ensure effective removal of condensate from the hot plates ensuring even temperatures.

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Heat Recovery to Heat Process Water

The system shown is recovering heat from condensate produced by the digester to heat process water for elsewhere in the mill.

We also supply a range of packaged steam heat exchange units for hot water heating, the EasiHeat™. Rated up to 1800 kW. Bespoke packages can be supplied for higher MW ratings.

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Whatever your steam system requirement

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