Here are just a few of the many applications to be found in the sugar refining industry, for which we are able to supply products and application advice.


Multi-effect Evaporator

A single stage of an evaporator, incorporating a CCD condensate contamination detection system

Multi-stage evaporator

Sugar solution is passed through a series of large multi-effect evaporators where steam is used to evaporate the water from the syrup so that it is gradually concentrated and refined. The highly concentrated syrup is then sent through crystallisation, drying and granulation processes.

Evaporator loads are high but the differential pressure is low. Steam is passed through large internal calandrias with vertical tubes. In operation the steam loads are fairly constant.

The FT12 ball float trap is specifically designed for the drainage of multi-effect evaporators for sugar syrup. Please go to the Products section for the Sugar Industry for more information.

Steam enters the fist evaporator effect at between 1.25 and 1.5 bar g and passes through a coil. The heat output boils the syrup releasing steam which passes to evaporators further down the line operating at lower pressures. This cascade type system continues until the last evaporator is operating below 0.5 bar g or even under vacuum. The syrup is pumped from evaporator to evaporator down the line becoming more concentrated as it goes.

It is not unusual to see 6 and sometimes 7 effects in a beet factory, although many cane factories have just 3 or 4 effects.

The condensate from each calandria can be removed using Spirax Sarco FT12 ball float thermostatic trap sets. However according to the arrangement and operating pressures some evaporators use level controlled condensate tanks.

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Evaporator Steam Trap Set

The FT12 is specifically designed for the drainage of multi-effect evaporators.

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Process Hot Water

Easiheat™ unit for process hot water / CIP

The compact skid mounted Easiheat™ is a packaged solution to your heat exchange requirements.

The unit shown above incorporates fully matched components and provides instantaneous hot water at stable temperatures, removing the need for a secondary circuit buffer tank.

Spirax Sarco can also offer bespoke hot water heating packages for high capacity requirements up to 4.2 MW. Higher ratings are available on request. A 2.0 mW unit is shown in the photograph.

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Juice Heating

A flanged vertical heat exchanger is shown below, utilising electropneumatic controls.

Juice heating can be carried out using vertical tube heat exchangers or by direct contact heating (shown) whereby the juice is rained into direct contact with steam, in a vessel similar to a condenser. This arrangement eliminates the cost of tube cleaning and also the deterioration of heat exchange performance which can occur after a few days' operation. The only drawback is the additional load placed upon the evaporator vessels, since the juice becomes slightly diluted.

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Air Heater Battery

Hot air is required for many processes e.g. fluidised bed drying. Note that here, each battery is individually trapped using an FT ball float trap. The MFP14 mechanical pump is powered solely by steam and used to return condensate to flash recovery.

A Spirax Sarco flash vessel type FV incorporating probe type level controls is used to recover flash steam from the condensate, for use by the first air heater battery. Spirax Sarco electropneumatic control valves are used throughout.

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Flow Control

Flow control is most appropriate for processes where large amounts of steam need to be added at an appropriate point. A typical layout is shown here.

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Heat Recovery to Heat Process Water

The system shown is recovering heat from condensate produced by major processes to heat water for elsewhere in the refinery.

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Flash Vessel with Level Control

In the example below, a flash vessel type FV has a Spirax Sarco probe-type level control which will act to evacuate the vessel if the condensate level exceeds a certain point.

An electropneumatic SPIRA-TROL valve is shown.

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Whatever your steam system requirement

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