Here are just a few of the many products and systems that we currently supply to the sugar refining industry.


FT12 Ball Float Steam Trap

The FT12 ball float thermostatic steam trap is specifically designed for use in the sugar processing industry for the drainage of multi-effect evaporators. This unique steam trap incorporates a large fixed orifice to handle very high condensate loads up to differential pressures of 4 bar. An integral float trap mechanism provides a variable capacity in addition to the orifice. The trap is manufactured in cast iron with DN150 (6") flanged connections.

FT12 Installation

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Level Controls

Our range of probe-type modulating, adjustable on/off or on/off level controls are suitable for condensate tank level control, boiler level control and many more applications.

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MFP14 Condensate Pump

Spirax Sarco's range of MFP14 automatic pumps are designed to remove and recover condensate under all operating conditions. The PN16 rated pumps are self-contained units powered by steam, and available in SG iron, steel or stainless sizes DN25 - DN80 x 50.

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APT10-4.5 / APT14 Automatic Pump Traps

The APT has been designed to remove condensate from steam heat exchangers and process plant under all operating conditions, and forms an integral part of the condensate removal process.
The compact unit operates like a steam trap but switches to active pumping mode if the system pressure falls below the total back pressure (stall conditions).
Two options are available: the APT10-4.5 for loads up to 1 500 kg/h; and the APT14 or APT14HC - for loads up to 9,000 kg/h.

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EasiHeat™ Compact Heat Exchange Solution

This compact steam heat exchange unit covers a wide range of domestic and process hot water duties from 110 kW to 1,800 kW. The skid mounted core unit, which occupies only 1.2 m3 of space, incorporates precisely matched components based around an Alfa Laval TS6M plate heat exchanger.

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Orifice Plate Flowmeters

One of our wide range of flowmetering solutions, our orifice plate flowmeters are suitable for flow control applications for major steam-using processes. They offer significant cost benefits over other types of flowmeter for larger line sizes and for applications requiring a turndown of not more than 4:1.

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SPIRA-TROL General Service Control Valves

The SPIRA-TROL range of two port single seat globe valves with cage retained seats is available in a range of materials and sizes up to DN100 / 4". EN or ASME/ANSI. Available with a range of PN or EL actuators.

Spirax Sarco offers a full range of two and three port globe valves and instrumentation for the control of flow, pressure and temperature.

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BSA Stop Valve

Spirax Sarco's range of bellows sealed stop valves provides an environmentally sound solution to on/ off stop valve needs.
The bellows sealed design ensures stem seal leaks are totally eliminated, meeting the most stringent worldwide emissions legislation. This capability is vital to maintain plant safety, save energy and promote a cleaner environment.

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