Solutions for your Steam & Condensate System:

This area is divided into three sections to give an overview, where you can find Spirax Sarco in a typical Oil & Petrochemical Plant.

Power house and Turbine Stations:

This section shows typical applications and products where you can find Spirax Sarco helping to recover energy from steam generation and the conditioning of steam ready for distribution.

Typical Steam Applications:

This section shows examples of where Spirax Sarco can help improve the efficiency and energy savings of your process, by ensuring that steam reaches the point of use at the correct quantity, quality and pressure, while ensuring condensate is effectively removed from the process, once steam has given up its heat.

Flash Steam Recovery and Condensate Return:

This section contains solutions and products that can maximise heat recovery from low pressure and flash steam, while ensuring the efficient return of condensate back to the power house after use.

Solutions for your Steam and Condensate System

Power House & Turbine StationsTypical Steam ApplicationsFlash recovery & Condensate Return
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