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Engineered Systems


We've been manufacturing engineered systems for over 20 years. Bespoke engineered systems have developed into a dedicated manufacturing specialism within our portfolio of products and services. Our manufacturing team will produce a system tailored to your exact specification - pre-assembled or modular.

We have designed a wide range of Engineered Systems including, pumping systems, heat recovery systems, metering and control stations.

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We offer packaged pump skids covered under Pumps and pump traps and Process Heat Exchanger Skids.


Packaged pump skids


We offer a range of vented automatic packaged pump units (PPU), using the MFP14S, MFP14SS, or Pivotrol series of pumps. These are plug-in systems specifically designed to collect and pump hot condensate; commonly returned for use as boiler feedwater. The whole system is capable of handling capacities up to 6 000 kg/h, with pump delivery heads ranging from 4 - 80 m and comes complete with a skid mounted base plate.

Operated by steam or compressed air/gas the MFP14-PPU can be tailored to meet a wide variety of condensate handling applications.

  • Duplex, triplex and stainless steel versions are available on request.

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Process Heat Exchanger Skids

Heat Exchanger Skids

A wide range of standard and bespoke skid mounted units for pumping, heat exchange and metering are available from Spirax Sarco. Shown are hot water and oil skids produced for Bergeson FPSO 'Berge Helene'.

The first was a 40MW hot water circulation skid, providing hot water at 125°C and 150°C through heat exchangers using saturated steam at 40 barg as the primary medium. The skid included three hot water circulation pumps, instrumentation, control valves and all pipeline equipment.

The second skid was an oil circulation package, heating crude oil up to 72°C for processing. The skid included one 5.5MW hot water/crude oil heat exchanger and three 500kW screw pumps having a maximum discharge pressure of 100 barg. The skid was supplied complete with instrumentation, control valves and all pipeline equipment.

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