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Gilflo meters

Gilflo flow meter

The Gilflo flow meter operates on the spring loaded variable area principle and produces a differential pressure related to flow rate. The variable area principle allows the Gilflo to achieve a turndown of up to 100:1 and an accuracy of +/- 1% of measured value between 5% to 100% of maximum rated flow.

The Gilflo comes as either a “spool” meter installed in the pipeline manufactured in (ASTM) carbon steel in a range of sizes from DN80 to DN300, or, as the in line variable area (ILVA) meter, which is sandwiched between flanges. The ILVA come in a range of sizes from DN50 to DN200 and is manufactured in cast steel.

The Scanner 2000 is a steam mass flow transmitter taking inputs from the meter through impulse lines and converts them into mass flow for saturated steam. The Scanner 2000 is explosion proof meeting CSA and ATEX standards detailed in the technical information sheets in the link below.

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