Our extensive range of process valves is able to deliver the sterility and control that your processes require. Ranging from ASME-BPE ball valves for clean utility applications to hygienic PID control valves for the control of your process fluids.

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Our high performance hygienic control valve is specifically designed for accurate control of high-purity media. Encompassing ASME-BPE principles and self-draining crevice free design our Steri-trol delivers the control performance you require.

The unit is avaliable with FDA approved seals, material traceability and a quick release body and bonnet.

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Sanitary Ball Valves

Sanitary Ball Valve

Our full bore sanitary ball valves are constructed from 316L stainless steel with a controlled ferrite content and have been designed in accordance with ASME-BPE. Our design and FDA compliant cavity fillers have been selected to eliminate crevices and the potential for media pooling.

The valves are supported with full material traceability documentation.

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Pressure Reducing Valve

SRV66 Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valve

The SRV66 is a 316L stainless steel, angle pattern, self-draining sanitary pressure regulating valve for use with high-purity steam, water and gases.

Reliable pressure reduction is achieved without the need for an external pressure sensing line. Manual adjustment is achieveable via an enclosed mechanism ensuring sanitary external design

Unique fabrication techniques ensure a high quality surface finish whilst reducing the valve weight thus permitting easy installation and maintenace and quicker heat-up rates.

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Safety Relief Valve

SRV66 Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valve

The SVL488 is a high capacity stainless steel full-lift clean service safety valve designed to AD Merkblatt A2 and TRD 421 standards and suitable for pure steam, vapour and inert gases.

It is suitable for clean service applications including protection of steam boilers, pipelines, pressure vessels, compressors and receivers, in industries where FDA compliance is required.

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