Expert surveys help you achieve top performance

Surveys cover a wide range of equipment including steam traps, high limit control equipment and condensate pumps.

Each survey first measures your system's current efficiency and identifies areas of improvement and the potential savings to be gained. Then we develop a tailored survey to investigate the system in more detail. From the information provided on the steam and condensate services, we will detail areas where savings can be made and your potential return on investment.

Our most popular survey is the steam trap survey. Once the survey is complete and your steam trap population is brought up to peak operating efficiency, our steam trap management service can save you money and effort by taking responsibility for keeping your traps running at maximum efficiency year after year.


  • Performance measures - gain a detailed picture of system efficiency
  • Flexibility - choose the surveys and services to match available budget and business objectives
  • Valuable management information - provided through the asset list
  • Simplifies investment decisions - justify improvements with an assessment of payback and benefits.

Case Studies

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PDF Steam Trap Surveys (814 KB)

Customer Feedback

"When Spirax Sarco carried out the original survey they put in a conservative estimate of savings and ended up saving much more.

That helped us decide to opt for the three-year contract. If the new savings estimates are correct, the contract offers excellent value for money and should help reduce our carbon emissions by 200 tonnes a year"

Barry Aspey
Utilities Manager