For any company keen to seek improvements in the performance of its steam systems, our detailed plant audit can help you gather the information you need to review your operations and gain an accurate picture of the current status.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge will then help you identify any deficiencies or opportunities that may yield results in terms of better productivity, reliability and sustainability, or reduced operating costs.

How the assessment works:

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How the assessment works:

  • Factfinding

    Discussion, 'walking the plant' and assessing your needs and areas for improvement.

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  • Proposal

    A complete proposal is presented by us.

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  • Agreement

    You assess the proposal and we agree the way forward.

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  • Audit Deliverables

Keen to improve your plant performance and save money?

Spirax Sarco have experienced engineers available to offer advice on our range of audits.

  • Arrange a visit to your plant by Spirax Sarco

  • Ask us a question about our range of Steam System Services

Case Study - Nestlé, South Africa


Food Manufacturing


Reduce energy costs.


Spirax Sarco conducted a full steam audit.

  • 26% decrease in steam usage was realised after only 1 year.
  • Water consumption decreased by 18% due to better condensate return.
Payback period:

2 years

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