Using results from energy savings carried out on behalf of DETR, the following average savings are possible:

  • Steam distribution: 8%
  • Steam generation: 7%
  • Total: 15%

Taking a typical annual fuel bill to generate steam of £200,000, these figures imply that average savings of £30,000 / year could be achieved.

Resultant savings in reduced water, effluent and water treatment chemicals not included.

Bearing in mind that these savings are a reduction in overhead, they have a direct impact on your profit.

Steam consumption is monitored - then through Steam System Services we identify areas of improvement (inline with your resources and budget) in your plant and help you to implement them.

Visit the savings calculator to see how much you could save.

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Key areas to target for savings:

  • Steam distribution
  • Maximise condensate return
  • Improve pipe insulation
  • Isolation / removal of unused piping
  • Steam trap monitoring
  • Pipework modification
  • Repair of steam leaks
  • Utilisation of flash steam for heat recovery
  • Steam generation
  • Install blowdown heat recovery
  • Install automatic TDS control
  • Improve installation