Once you've invested in a steam system that's operating efficiently, it makes economic sense to maintain it at the highest possible level. For those companies where in-house maintenance skills are in short supply or where limited steam engineering experience is available, outsourcing your maintenance service can prove to be a highly cost effective solution for keeping downtime to a minimum and increasing efficiency.

Why not talk to us about how we can deliver a service that meets all of your maintenance requirements without sacrificing quality and yet stays within your budget?

All products come with a manufacturer's warranty and are supported by a global network of experienced Service Engineers.

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Not all services are available in all markets.  Please choose your National Spirax Sarco Website or Contact Us for further information.

Benefits to your Business

  • Maintaining high plant performance
  • Preferential call out and repair service (optional)
  • Preventative maintenance carried out at your convenience
  • Easier to budget through regular payments
  • Reduction in breakdowns and downtime
  • Savings and benefits become visible through monitoring and progress reports, leading to a reduction in total Cost of Ownership

Services available

  • Examples of our Maintenance Agreements include:
    • The Boilerhouse
    • Metering
    • Controls
    • Steam Trap Management

Case Study - Polestar, UK



  • Improve process heating demands.
  • Improve energy efficiency.

Spirax Sarco designed, supplied and installed a complete unmanned boiler house and steam distribution system.

  • A £1.4 million turnkey steam system was provided on time and within budget.
  • We have provided ongoing after-sales service and support from our team of experts.
Payback period:

3.5 months

Read more on this case study.

Manage your maintenance costs effectively

Advice from experienced engineers on our repairs, maintenance and spares service is only a click or a call away:

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  • Request a personal visit to assess your plant