What is CASSIO?

CASSIO is the name of our offline product and application drawing library for AutoCAD and contains the same drawings found here in our online libraries.


The software is available to download free of charge and installs under all recent versions of AutoCAD. In addition to the drawings, the software also contains other useful, non-product drawings together with tools and wizards to help speed up drawing production.

CASSIO 4 has also been designed to interact fully with our CAD Library, meaning that access to our online libraries is simple - useful as drawings of new products in the future will be available here first. The new drawings on this site that are not yet available in CASSIO will be tagged with the new drawing icon New Drawing icon.

You can find out more about CASSIO and how to use it in the CASSIO Support Centre that is now provided with the software, or by downloading our free training guides.

What CASSIO is not

CASSIO is not a scale library. As with all the drawings supplied in the CAD Library, the drawings provided in CASSIO are for illustration purposes only. They are not to scale and should not be used for sizing purposes. Although 15mm products are generally 'to-scale', any products added at larger sizes will be 'scaled-up' using a pre-defined scale factor, and will not reflect actual sizes.

It must always be the responsibility of the designer to use correct piping practices, follow good engineering principles and comply with related laws and codes for their country.

Information icon

Not all products are available in all markets and in certain application drawings some products may be omitted for clarity.

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