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ILVA R Full Image

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ILVA L Full Image

Naming Conventions for Product Drawings

The basic naming convention generally consists of the product name followed by its view or orientation. For example, TD42 L is a TD42 Thermodynamic steam trap shown with flow from left to right.

Abbreviation Example Meaning

product views & orientations

R TD42 R Right to left flow
L TD42 L Left to right flow
V or Ver FT14 V Cover Sc Vertical flow
Z FT14 Z Sc Z axis view (for example, the view looking through the centre orifice)
Fi ILVA Fi L Full image

connection types

Sc BPT21 L Sc Screwed
Fl BPT21 L Fl Flanged
Wd BTD52 L Wd Weld
Bw AV45 Bw L Butt weld

product options

B/down or Bd TD42 L Bd+Iso Blowdown version
Iso or Isotub TD42 L Bd+Iso Isotub option (for Thermodynamic steam traps)
H or Hor FT54H* L Horizontal version
V or Ver FT54V* Vertical version
SLR FT14 L SLR Sc Steam lock release option

other conventions

* BSA1* L More than one product shares this drawing (for example, the BSA2 & BSA3 look the same as the BSA1 so use the same drawing)
# BC 3200# Insert the drawing using a scale factor of 1:1