BDV1 Depressurisation Vlv

BDV1 Depressurisation Vlv

BDV2 Depressurisation Vlv

BDV2 Depressurisation Vlv

Naming Conventions for Product Drawings

The basic naming convention generally consists of the product name followed by its view or orientation. For example, TD42 L is a TD42 Thermodynamic steam trap shown with flow from left to right.

Abbreviation Example Meaning

product views & orientations

R TD42 R Right to left flow
L TD42 L Left to right flow
V or Ver FT14 V Cover Sc Vertical flow
Z FT14 Z Sc Z axis view (for example, the view looking through the centre orifice)
Fi ILVA Fi L Full image

connection types

Sc BPT21 L Sc Screwed
Fl BPT21 L Fl Flanged
Wd BTD52 L Wd Weld
Bw AV45 Bw L Butt weld

product options

B/down or Bd TD42 L Bd+Iso Blowdown version
Iso or Isotub TD42 L Bd+Iso Isotub option (for Thermodynamic steam traps)
H or Hor FT54H* L Horizontal version
V or Ver FT54V* Vertical version
SLR FT14 L SLR Sc Steam lock release option

other conventions

* BSA1* L More than one product shares this drawing (for example, the BSA2 & BSA3 look the same as the BSA1 so use the same drawing)
# BC 3200# Insert the drawing using a scale factor of 1:1