Basic Control Theory

Control theory is discussed from fundamental proportional action to PID control. The dynamic of the simple control loop is discussed, alongside practical issues of choosing the best system for the application, and installation and commissioning issues.

  1. An Introduction to Controls

    This tutorial provides an introduction to the subject of automatic control, including the basic elements of a control system, different control functions, and relevant terminology, with some emphasis on safety, and stability & accuracy of control.

  2. Basic Control Theory

    This tutorial looks at on/off and continuous control modes. It introduces proportional, integral and derivitive control actions and explains some of the terminology.

  3. Control Loops and Dynamics

    An explanation of each component of a control system, including valves, actuators, sensors and controllers; together with an introduction to methods of control and system dynamics, including simple control loops and feedback systems.

  4. Choice and Selection of Controls

    This tutorial will concentrate on available automatic control choices (such as self-acting, pneumatic or electric) and the decisions which must be made before selection. Guidance is offered on the basis of the three most important considerations of safety, stability and accuracy.

  5. Installation and Commissioning of Controls

    Practical installation and commissioning advice for valves, actuators, sensors, controllers and more.

  6. Computers in Control

    A look at the more recent developments in control involving the use of information technology.