Safety Valves

Arguably, the most important subject in the generation, distribution and use of steam. Why are safety valves required? What different types are available and how are they selected, sized and installed? Other protection devices are also shown in some detail.

  1. Introduction to Safety Valves

    Any pressurised system requires safety devices to protect people, processes and property. This tutorial details situations when overpressure may occur, the wide and often confusing types of device on offer, how such devices operate and the many codes, standards and approval authorities to note.

  2. Types of Safety Valve

    A full explanation of the many different types of safety valves available, including operation, materials of construction and accessories.

  3. Safety Valve Selection

    Choosing and commissioning the correct safety valve, including selection considerations, setting, sealing, positioning and the effects of backpressure.

  4. Safety Valve Sizing

    An in-depth study of the sizing process for a range of applications, including sizing equations for AD Merkblatt, DIN , TRD, ASME, API, BS6759 and others. Covers more complex issues such as two-phase flow and superheat.

  5. Safety Valve Installation

    Important installation advice, including handling, plant conditions, pipework configuration, markings and noise considerations.

  6. Alternative Plant Protection Devices and Terminology

    Other methods of relieving excess pressure explained; plus a useful terminology section.